As the role of the County Offices of Education continues to evolve, this conference is dedicated to providing COE board members with the tools and information to empower them to be effective elected education leaders. This year’s sessions will address governance during challenging times, focusing on the unique responsibilities that differentiate county school board members from district board members. Be inspired as you leave with new ideas for serving students.

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Dr. Gregory A. Spencer

Vice President
San Diego, CA

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Footsteps2Brilliance: Free Demo Access & Executive Summary for CLSBA Attendees & Districts: https://bit.ly/FootstepsDemo

$5,000 Value Per School
As a sponsor of the CLSBA Conference, Footsteps2Brilliance is honored to provide ALL schools, districts, and counties with
FREE 60-day Demo Access to its award-winning Bilingual Literacy Platform for your Birth - Elementary students, teachers, and families.

During and through the pandemic, school closures, and natural disasters, educators have found Footsteps2Brilliance to be a sustainable educational partner.
Districts like Palmdale School District, under the leadership of Superintendent Raul Maldonado, and San Mateo-Foster City School District's leader, Superintendent Diego Ochoa, have carved out pathways of success. We're proud to be a strategic partner with these two innovative and transformative intentional leaders.

Join Superintendents Maldonado, Ochoa, and me at our session on Friday, August 26th at 2 pm to hear how these two disruptive leaders, along with their teams, are making it happen for our families, children, students, educators, and communities.

Dr. Spencer's Bio Brief:
Dr. Spencer is a best-selling author, a former two-time elementary school drop-out, gang leader, and Black Panther from Oakland, CA. After surviving a traumatic childhood, Dr. Spencer eventually served as a teacher, principal, school board member, superintendent, and elected city commissioner.

Dr. Spencer earned his Doctorate in Traumatology & Learning and has been recognized by The White House as an educational futurist and literacy evangelist. Greg partners with mayors, superintendents, parents, and community leaders to support the need for virtual, hybrid, direct instruction, and blended learning to support students, parents, and educators in our new educational reality, irrespective of the impact of Covid, fires, and learning loss situations.